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The LPB band was founded in 1989 by Andreas Mouzakitis and Liana Koutrolikou.
First live performances in Kerkyra, summer 1989. First vinyl maxi single "Light Pop Beat" featuring "mundi-a-hell 'n' hi" and "these boots are made for walking", by Thodoris Manikas' ME.S.S., 1989. Live performances (1990 - 1993) in Athens, Greece. First vinyl LP album "LPB light pop beat - elafrolaikos rythmos" (1993) by Thodoris Manikas' "Iptamenoi Diskoi".
All other albums are independent productions by LPB:
"LPB amykonos" (1995)
"LPB panselinos/8" (1998)
"LPB six soundtracks" (2002)
"LPB Faust" (2004)
"LPB seven of clubs" (2007)
"LPB four parodies" (2010)
Now working on two collections of old and new compositions: "LPB electroSHOCK" and "LPB studiolive".

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